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“Although it has only been a few months, we have really felt the difference in our child’s abilities. With your help, Elana has successfully passed the 11+ and can’t wait to be attending Chelmsford County High School for girls. In the future, we would be delighted to recommend you to people who might need your help.”

Parent of Elana

11+ Student
The service was outstanding, the teaching methods were diverse. It taught HK to think outside the box and approach a situation in a mature manner.  HK achieved an excellent mark in the assessment and we are truly grateful for all that Sue has done for our child.”

Parent of HK

11+ Student
“My son enjoyed his 2 years of tutoring with Sue and has, as a result, not only passed his 11+ with flying colours, but has also improved in Maths and all areas of English at school."

Parent of Luke

11+ Student

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